4 Tips to Become Better At Portion Control

4 Tips to Become Better At Portion Control

Say goodbye to diet fads and stress out about restricting yourself from eating your favorite foods. It’s time to welcome portion control in your life with open arms.

What is portion control?

It’s important to remember the distinction between portion size and serving size. When we go out to eat, the menu might tell you whether something is a single serving or a family serving. Single servings can also be much larger than the required portion size and this is something you should be mindful of when you eat.
The concept behind portion control is simply to monitor the quantity of food you eat as opposed to counting calories. This saves you the trouble of making calculations in your head while you eat instead of enjoying your food. It simply means having a plan of how much of each food group is recommended for you and then not exceeding it when you eat.
Here are some tips that can help you master the art of portion control.

Always hydrate before eating

No matter which meal you’re having during the day, make sure you drink at least 1-2 glasses of water beforehand. Sometimes our bodies register dehydration as hunger pangs. Not only will it help you avoid eating more than how much you actually need to but staying hydrated always helps!

Use a smaller plate

This works best when you’re eating out or at a friend’s place. You might have the portion control figured out with your own dinnerware but play it safe when you don’t eat at home. Serve yourself on a smaller plate, to trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are. You’d be surprised to find yourself eating less than you usually do and feeling fuller.

Use your hands

No need to complicate things for yourself by using too many tools. You can simply use your palm to measure your veggies, proteins, carbs and fat intake.
The protein you eat should be the size of your palm; a closed fist is equivalent to 2 servings of carbs. The tip of your index finger should be how much fat you consume and the thumb represents a serving of nuts.

Say no to plastic

Not just for environmental concerns, but eating out from containers can be misleading. You end up eating more than you should from these containers because they look smaller than they are. Eating straight out of packaging can also lead to you spiraling and you can end up bingeing.
Portion control can take some getting used to and requires an incredible amount of self-control and discipline. If you’re just starting out and want that extra support to help you meet your fitness goals, reach out to us at Diet Rite System.
Join us and many others on our collective weight loss journey and learn how to make our diet healthier.

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