5 Ways to Give Your Metabolism a Boost

5 Ways to Give Your Metabolism a Boost

Your metabolism determines how quickly and efficiently your body processes food for energy and growth. The rate at which your body can burn all the calories you consume during the day determines how quickly you lose weight, or even if you gain weight at all.
Some of us are born with a fast metabolism, and that’s why it can seem like we eat all day, but don’t pack on the pounds. However, metabolism changes over the years, depending on your lifestyle and various physical factors such as hormonal imbalances or side effects from certain medications.
Our metabolism functions like a car engine, using the fuel we provide to keep our bodies moving. Here are a few ways to push the pedal and swerve into the high-speed lane to burn those calories!

Don’t starve yourself

Especially when it comes to the first meal of the day! Skipping breakfast can slow down your body’s ability to digest food throughout the day. A balanced and wholesome breakfast can give your body the right start to burn calories at a fast rate.
Workaround what is feasible for you and plan breakfast accordingly. Are you always in a rush in the morning? Try these healthy on-the-go homemade breakfasts; they’re better than a bagel and coffee.

Hydrate your body sufficiently

You should be drinking at least eight cups of water daily; more if you live in a hotter climate. Your body is constantly losing water when you sweat.
Replenishing the supply is important because you don’t want to end up dehydrated. Dehydration can also lead to bloating and slow down metabolic activity.
Add more juices, skim milk and fresh fruit to your diet to supplement water from other foods.

Switch to lifting weights

A healthy amount of cardio, complemented by pumping some iron, can help you build some lean muscle. Even five to ten pounds in a thirty-minute strength training session every day will give your muscles the workout they need. Muscles help you burn calories even during rest and recovery days.

Add spices to your diet

Shop for more spices next time you go grocery shopping and start adding them to your meals. Spicy food has a kick and our metabolism feels it too. Find out some of the best herbs and spices you need to start using in all your meals here.

Sleep longer hours  

Getting restful sleep at night is beneficial for a healthy body and mind. Our bodies need time to process and recover after all they’ve been through.
Moreover, studies show that insufficient sleep can cause your body to produce more insulin and decrease the levels of a hormone called leptin which makes you feel full. Summary: sleep more for a smaller appetite!
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