A #healthylifestyle begins with #eatinghealthy - Diet Rite System
A #healthylifestyle begins with #eatinghealthy

A #healthylifestyle begins with #eatinghealthy

When you respect something – anything, you go out of your way to treat it well. Be it your car, your clothes, your family, anything you love, if you love it and respect it you will treat it well, care for it and try to protect it.

So it is with your body. You only get one so you should treat it well right? You should care for it and try to protect it. The best way to do this is to be mindful of what you put in your body. It all begins with what we put in our bodies.

What we eat can help our bodies allowing us to perform at peak levels, keep us looking and feeling good mentally physically, and emotionally, or it can hurt us, often causing diabetes, heart disease, joint pains, inflammation high blood pressure, and more.

When we choose to eat badly – unhealthily we are demonstrating a lack of respect for our bodies and ourselves like we do not care enough to treat ourselves well, yet we demand others to treat us with respect!

There could be many reasons why we treat ourselves like this Experts will chalk it up to low self-esteem depression and more, but they seem to leave this out of their expert opinions. Companies spend millions of dollars to make the worst foods for your look and sound like heaven and that you are treating yourself badly if you don’t eat these unhealthy foods.

It could be economic or environmental, These are tough times and millions are out of work and facing stressful economic circumstances, maybe relocation to, or living in neighborhoods where the local food stores offer mostly poor choices like large sodas, fried foods, badly prepared “Hero Sandwiches” we do understand. Diet wants to say “Stand Strong.. It will get better” “Hang tough we feel your pain”

There could be many reasons, some of them may not be your doing, but you have to take some responsibility for your actions. You have to stand and decide to treat yourself with the respect you demand others treat you with, and that starts, simply as it sounds, with the foods you decide to put in your body.

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