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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Inauguration 2021

It seems late, doesn’t it? But the New Year began as the old year ended. Lots of turmoil and bad energy everywhere and it’s not quite over yet. We decided the best course of action to take was to sit out the way and let this tumultuous energy pass.

Like a storm. When there is a tornado on the ground, you don’t race out into the tornado You get quiet. try to find a shelter and stay out of its way. The same applies when there Is a storm of bad energy around you. You don’t charge out into the storm you find a quiet place and get out of its way.

If you don’t you will find you begin or continue with the same bad habits you resolved to change at the beginning of the year. We resolve to be different and we will do just that! That’s our promise to ourselves.

We changed our logo to signify a new beginning, a new way of thinking and behaving. Eliminate the thinking that caused a lot of issues we are now trying to resolve. That’s what a New Year’s Resolution is about. We will be offering health and fitness products on the site to help you on your journey, including inspirational t-shirts and humorous shirts because sometimes you just gotta laugh. Visit our new store and look around. You will see growth and positive change! Look out for our articles which will be more helpful and to the point and allow you to smile as you work to meet and exceed your own expectations.

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