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Learning the Right Exercise Routine for you

We’ve all been there. Figuring out the exercise side of a weight-loss campaign is far from easy, and plenty of people wind up burning out by rushing into it.

While it’s tempting to dive into the deep end of a new regiment of working out, in this post we’ll show that it’s best to start slow.

The key to healthy weight loss through exercise is to solidify the habit first and then work on intensity next. This also gives you the chance to make sure you have the correct form and structure for your exercise. By the end of this post, you’ll know much more about how to approach exercise.

Learning Form


All forms of exercise have a proper form. That includes cardio work like running, rowing, or swimming, but it applies even more to anything that involves lifting. Learning the form will make sure you get the most benefit from the exercise and it minimizes your risk of injury.

You need to learn the right form early so that you can start practicing correctly. Cardio exercise form is all about making sure you don’t have any small imbalances or mistakes that can accumulate into an injury.

For example, runners are susceptible to pulled muscles, shin splints, and other events that can put you out of commission. If you are not careful with your form, you can increase the risk of those injuries.

For running in particular, it is a good idea to go to a local running store. They will often be able to give you a free analysis of your gait and some advice about how to run with the proper form. They can also guide you to the right shoes for your feet and for your running goals.

When lifting weights, the risk of poor form is that you can suffer a sudden imbalance or injury, and the risk is greater because of the weight. For example, poor form on your deadlift can cause a serious back injury.

If you are doing a bench press, you might drop the barbell. It’s very important to learn the right form before you start to use serious amounts of weight. The best way to learn form is to start out with a low-intensity level. This keeps the stakes low and ensures you won’t learn the wrong way of doing things before you step up your exercise.

Protecting The Joints


The process of exercise will build your muscles as well as burn fat, so it is a great way to achieve fast weight loss. However, there is one part of the body that is at risk when you exercise, and that is the joints.

While your muscles were built to grow stronger with use, your joints are more sensitive.

They already have the difficult job of keeping your motions regulated, so the additional pressure of exercise can lead to damage or injuries.

Quite a large number of the possible injuries that can come from exercise are centered in the joints. In some cases, a low buildup to the intended intensity can prepare your joints, but not in all cases.

For example, if you plan to lift weights, then it is possible to gradually strengthen your wrists and shoulders so that you can carry more weight on a barbell using your arms.

On the other hand, if you are running or doing another cardio exercise that uses your knees, then you risk an injury to your ACL or MCL. No amount of preparation can prevent a knee ligament injury.

It’s important to know what kind of joint injuries there are, how to reduce their risk, and what they mean if you get one. Typically you need to rest the joint and ice it.

Often there are more elaborate things to do to promote healing, and sometimes medical treatments like surgery are necessary. Starting off with a low intensity can help you identify any potential weaknesses in your joints. You can then take steps like applying the athletic tape, using a brace, or carrying out special exercises if you think any of your joints might become an issue. It’s better to start slow and figure this out beforehand than rush into things and get an injury.

Beginner Routines


One of the most important reasons to start out slow is because you need to get your exercise ingrained into your daily routine. It has to become a habit for you that is as natural as eating and maintaining a healthy diet. This is a key component as well.

The stronger the habit is, the easier it will be to sustain for the long run. The healthy weight loss regimens depend on consistent, sustained exercise, not a burst of workouts followed by giving up.

If your starting intensity is too high, you risk having a hard time creating the healthy habits you need. A tough workout can be very draining and can leave you sore or tired.

When every workout feels that way and you aren’t used to it yet, you are more likely to give up. But a low-intensity workout is much easier to recover from and has less of an impact on your body. This allows you to build up your strength, endurance, and intensity over time.

It’s like learning a new language. If you try to read a whole book right at the beginning, you will quickly get frustrated. But if you learn a few new words each day, you will build your memorization skills and it will be easier to maintain the habit. There is no one perfect system of exercise that can get anyone fast weight loss. There are, however, many different forms of exercise that will benefit you and help you reach that goal.

If you want to get yourself into a healthy routine with exercise, then you need to start off with a low-intensity workout and build up to something with more impact. To learn more about this idea, check out our ebook.

It contains all the information you need to learn how to get started with exercise. The way to succeed with exercise is through commitment over time, and that is the most important thing to learn.

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