The purpose of this page is not to tell you what to eat, that would be a little presumptuous. We at Diet Rite understand that each individual’s body processes food differently, therefore there is no one way to eat. Each individual’s metabolism is different and we burn certain foods faster than others
Rather, we are trying to give you examples of simple, nutritious, low calorie meal ideas that are easy to prepare and will help you to lose weight and change how you view the foods you are eating. Our diet plan advice will help you achieve a healthy eating lifestyle.
One important aspect of our meal plans to pay attention to is the exercise of portion control We encourage you to pay attention to the size of each portion on the plate as an example of portion control. This is a very important part of your eating. We will go into more depth about portion control on our articles page
If you would like additional assistance with selecting and developing eating habits that you can stick with that will help you lose weight fast, eating healthy, and easy and time friendly to prepare, Simply sign up for membership to Diet Rite, then send us an email and we will begin writing you back to discuss your goals in more detail and help you, with your food selection, portion control etc. We will be there with you as you reshape your eating trends to a more healthy, result oriented diet. Our primary goal is to make your diet healthier and assist you in creating a quick weight loss diet plan that you love!
As always, we believe in your commitment and we encourage you to stay the course on your journey We are here to help you if you ever need…. Diet Rite Team
Chicken Breast with Asparagus and Carrots Steak with Zucchini and Beets
Steak with California Blend and Red Potatoes
Salmon wirh Broccoli and Carrots Salmon and Salad

These are a guide… A good guide for you to follow. DO NOT WORRY! Your body will adapt . YOU WILL NOT STARVE!
The body is an amazing machine capable of much more than we think.
There are several good things about the meals you see.
1. You can see the ingredients so you know what you are eating and where your nutrition source is coming from.
2. The meals are very easy to prepare. Total prep time is less than 15 minutes depending on the size of the entrée you are using.
so if you are a busy person or have a family these are simple, nutritious meals to prepare for yourself and your family.
We are not suggesting ALL your meals be like this. Most people like lots of variety in their meals, there are many variations to be used with these examples. However, if you apply portion control to your meals then you can afford to explore many varieties of meals to your diet , allowing you that slice of cake, and other “treats” that will make your dining experience more palatable.
As well, once you have learned the principles of portion control, when you eat out you will not over eat, and thus you can take some of the meal home so you can enjoy at another time.
We will add more meal plates as we continue to provide examples of simple nutritious meals you can easily make and enjoy.

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