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#Monday Morning Thought

#Monday Morning Thought

Enjoying the peace and serenity of an early morning walk

I got up early today and went for a walk. I have the day off so rather than sleep late, I decided to go for a walk. It was Great. Peaceful quiet only the birds singing softly. Generally, a workday is what I call the 12-hour sandwich. That’s 2 hours in 8 hours there and 2 hours back.

How do you stay #healthy in the face of the 12-hour sandwich? You change your #eating habits.

Go for the good stuff

If you start your day with healthy #food, you set the tone for the day. Like if you begin your morning with a nice peaceful walk it sets the tone for the day. In NY you can find people jogging through the streets in the morning. I respect they’re getting it in, but it looks stressful which is something I think we take for granted. Like we’re just supposed to be stressed and that’s just the way it is.

I don’t believe that. I think that takes an unseen toll on you, that you will see later and you may not remember what caused it. So my thought for the day. Diet Rite thought for the day, is to try to find a little time during the 12-hour sandwich to breathe.

Take a moment in the morning to enjoy the peace and serenity if only for a moment. You will be surprised how long that moment will carry. Make your first meal a healthy one and if you don’t have the time to exercise when you get home, then alter your eating habits.. DRS can show you how.

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