What is a Good Diet?

What is a good diet? It seems many people have many opinions. So much so that this question has beome a complicated question hasn’t it?

A Good Diet is simply eating Good Food!

A Healthy Diet is just eating Healthy Food!

A Bad Diet is simply eating bad or unhealthy Food!

Could it be that simple? YES it is that simple, Once you know what is good, what is healthy then a large part of the equation or problem is solved. Let Diet Rite Help you!

Harry Truman once wrote. “If you can’t convince them.. Confuse them” Diet Rite is here to remove the confusion and make things simple.. Imagine this What type of world do we live in when Simple is difficult?.. DRS Keep it simple… and you will see. A good diet is easy A healthy diet is easy and it’s fun. Because Being healthy is Great

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