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Why We’re Better

We have discovered a secret, a technique that will revolutionize your eating habits while helping you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. This technique will simplify the entire weight loss process. Combined with our simple exercises, you will discover, as we did, that eating healthy and losing weight is not as hard as everyone says.

Our system is designed for everyone because everyone should try to eat healthy! Our system adapts to your gender, age, and activity level while helping you adapt to a healthier lifestyle. It’s not a fast fix, you won’t lose 100 pounds in a month, but you will find yourself naturally eating healthier and making better food choices. As your body adapts and transforms, you will feel so much better you can’t imagine going back to your old habits.

Our program includes our weight tracker and meal tracker tools. Our philosophy. “ If you track what you eat, you will watch what you eat.” Think of it this way.. when you keep track of your spending, you can often save money because you’re more careful, selective about the things you buy, right? So why would your eating habits be any different! It’s this way of thinking that sets us apart.

Our tips and advice are easy to understand and apply because they are simple yet effective, with explanations that resonate. You’ll discover how easy the process can be. What also sets us apart is the great customer service you will receive, personal, friendly, helpful, and…

simply put, we’re the most affordable program around, online or anywhere else. $10 a month, 33 cents a day. If your health is not worth a quarter and a dime, What is? 

Join us and find out for yourself

Diet Rite, Get Results You Love

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Diet Rite recommends portion control, regular exercise, and our homemade recipe guides to help you meet your weight goals.

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The Diet Rite System’s 3 step process will make your weight loss goals easy to achieve. Set your goals, track your meals, watch your results.

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The Diet Rite System is a protein-rich, low carb system. This system allows you to stay fuller longer, causing you to eat less and lose the weight you want.

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Weight Loss & Diet

Our articles will provide valuable insight into your dietary habits including making good food choices for a healthier eating lifestyle

Diet Rite

Motivation & Support

Our articles will provide you with motivational messages and tips to keep you motivated and focused during those difficult times

balanced diet

Exercise Tips

Our articles will include suggestions to make your exercise fun and easy to stick with.


Diet Rite is a black owned company started in 2016. Our Mission is to teach other black people about the benefits of eating healthy. Our Mission is to help reverse the dangerous trends of diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and obesity that we suffer from on such a large scale.

Due to hundreds of years of being given the poorest of foods to eat, we had to use remarkable creativity, to create meals Just to survive and keep out families going. However, a lot of the meals, while delicious, were unhealthy for continuous consumption.

These unhealthy meals have become a tradition in a lot of families. It is known, though not often said, the things we learn as children we take into adulthood. This being true, the poor eating habits of our youth we continue in our adult lives,

This is a major cause of the health problems we face today. We have buried too many good people due to these conditions, which are easily preventable. This is DRS! This is our Mission and commitment! We also realize this is not just a black problem but an economic one. People all over the world, who experience such poverty, suffer the same things.

It is our Mission to correct this through education and devising simple, easy methods to correct this, and we invite and encourage everyone to Join our Revolution! 

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