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How It Works

Our approach to a healthier diet begins with the mind. What the mind conceives the body will achieve. We encourage and promote a Primarily plant based diet that is protein rich and low carb. Why plant based? 

Plant based foods/ veggies, spices, and fruits are natural superfoods because they are living organisms specifically designed to support and sustain another living organism (your body) when ingested. 

The concept is amazing and simple. A living organism is designed to support and sustain another living organism, and that living organism, in turn, reciprocates by protecting, nurturing, and cultivating the source of that living organism.. i.e., the planet.It’s this type of thinking that makes us better.

Then we add our weight tracker/meal tracker tools in one location that is easy to access, easy to use, simple to follow and allows you to do it yourself. We are always here to assist you if and when needed.

We are always here to assist you if and when needed. Our philosophy. If you change how you look at things, you’ll change the things you look at!

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How It Works

Set Your Goal

The key to reaching goals is to make them realistic and easy to achieve. The idea is simple. Each goal you achieve motivates you to the next goal. The DRS idea is by making them easy, the next goal will generally require a tweak or small addition to what you are already doing. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you with this.. It’s our pleasure to do so.

Track Your Meals

Tracking your meals is important. Why? If you track what you eat, you will watch what you eat. Consider this, the continued success of any endeavor is the ability to track and measure results. That’s how you know what works and what doesn’t and why right? 

Tracking is where you get to measure the results of your efforts. Our weight tracker and meal tracker tools make tracking your meals and result easy. 

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See Your Results

The results are going to surprise you, especially when you see how easy this is accomplished. Our system is designed for everyone because everyone should try to eat healthy! Our system adapts to your gender, age, and activity level while helping you adapt to a healthier lifestyle. 

It’s not a fast fix, you won’t lose 100 pounds in a month, but you will find yourself naturally eating healthier and making better food choices. 

As your body adapts and transforms, you will feel so much better you can’t imagine going back to your old habits. Results will depend on your Dedication and Resolve… We are here to make sure you succeed. 

About Diet Rite

As a black-owned business, Diet Rite is committed to helping to improve our health, our fitness, and lifestyle. Diet Rite believes in supporting black-owned businesses that help us improve ourselves.
We are dedicated to providing the best health-related products that improve our health, including proper hair care, skincare, and improving our food selections because it starts with what we put in our bodies.

This is our mission. We are devoted to our own. We are better than the way we are portrayed. When we eat healthily, we remove diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health risks we are constantly afflicted with.

When we eat healthy when we diet rite, it changes us in a positive way. We see ourselves differently, and we act differently. Others look and treat us differently. Why?

They will see the change in us. They will hear the difference in the way we present ourselves, and they will begin to behave accordingly. To change people’s perception of us, we have to change the way we look at ourselves.

Uncanny as it seems, It starts here. It starts with your diet. When we start rejecting the poor food options we are given, it shows we take our health, our life seriously.

And we will start rejecting the other poor choices we are given. When we take control of our lives, we are no longer looking for others to care for our needs. Instead, we start doing it ourselves.
About Diet Rite

Tailor Weight Loss To Your Lifestyle

Our system adapts to your gender, your age, and your activity level, allowing you to change as your lifestyle changes.


Eat Healthier And Make Better Food Choices

Our healthy food choices are science based, nutritionist support, and doctor recommendations.


Reach Your Ideal Weight And Maintain It

Our system will help you lose the weight you want safely, lose it permanently and keep it off.

Our customer support staff is standing by to assist you. Call us at or simply click the button below and get started today

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