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Being Positive

Being Positive

There’s a lot… a whole lot of negative things going on in the country and the world. People are being murdered in the streets by those sworn to protect. This has led to massive protests, that for some reason do not seem to help.

There is a pandemic that has claimed over a hundred thousand lives and people are afraid to be near each other for fear of contamination.

Yes there is a lot of negative things going on, but through it all, you have to remain positive, you have to be positive.

Positive that this pandemic will end one day and people will be able to return to a normal way of living.. Not a “New Normal” but Normal. Positive that the senseless brutality of innocent people will stop, though it seems the people doing this lack the ability to stop themselves.

But it has to stop. One way or another it has to stop.

Why Remain Positive?

The power of thinking and being positive can and does far outweigh the power of negative actions..

It doesn’t look like it now, because news reports do not paint a positive picture, does it? But, like losing weight, it does not happen overnight.

A cure takes time. Cure for the virus that has invaded our lives, a cure for the mentality that believes it’s okay to murder an innocent person because they seem to go unpunished.

All these things take time. However, it will be corrected. Just like if you stay positive and continue to work on a positive goal it can and will be realized.

Remain positive Think positive, and Be positive and the negative energies will eventually fade to the nothingness from where they came.

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