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Five Tips for Health and Fitness

The importance of health and fitness is increasing day by day. It is increasingly important to invest more time and effort in the maintenance of your health and wellness. Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your BMI within healthy limits helps you look better, feel better and reduce doctor visits and lower medical bills. In spite of many outlandish claims, losing weight and being fit is not an easy task. Still, once you follow a healthy diet (like the diet rite protein-rich low carb plan).and exercise, you will first begin to feel, then see the results of your hard work. There are different ways to improve your health and fitness, Diet Rite recommends using some light weights, like a small dumbbell set, there are also kettlebell and resistance bands you can use at home since going to the gym these days are challenging. Increased cardio is always a great way to maintain a healthy weight. The interesting thing about improving your cardio, is if you practice HIIT training with, let’s say a kettlebell or resistance bands it will also improve strength conditioning and improve your cardio as well. Of course, running is the king of cardio exercise.

A balanced diet consisting of proper nutrition, while keeping your calorie count as low as possible will prove beneficial to men and are also helpful to women’s health. The demand for fitness tips is increasing day by day as people want to look and feel their best. It takes time to achieve and maintain good health, so be patient and persistent.

It starts with your diet! What you put in your body is what your body will give back to you. Remember the saying (Look before you leap?) Well, Diet Rite had this saying. Look before you eat! By following a good diet (DRS plan) and including regular exercise, you will achieve your goals remember to be patient. Rome was not built overnight! Likewise, you didn’t wake up one day overweight and out of shape. That took years of neglect, so it will take time to correct these things.

Now the question

“Can it be done? Can you lose weight and tone your body after recognizing the need to do so?” The answer “Why Yes you can!” for the older people like myself, You may not get ripped like you were at 20 lol of be able to fit into a size 2 dress like when you were 17 ladies, but you can lose weight, get in shape.. and be sexy again J. If you work slowly, patiently and work to tone the whole body, instead of a specific part. Strength training exercises like using weights and cardio like jumping rope, swimming, to name a couple are good to tone or strengthen the entire body.

You don’t need to invest massive amounts of time to get fit, of course, the more time you can invest, the faster you will see the results, but if you invest a few hours a week and are consistent, you will see the results. Here are five tips to help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness. These tips will give you a head start to superior health and wellness. These tips are not difficult to follow rather they are easy to follow

Create a Healthy Diet Plan!


It starts with what you put in your system. We cannot stress this enough. You do not have to deny yourself. Lose the “Diet Mentality” That means you don’t have to eat celery and carrots as your means of diet. Celery and carrots are great but they are good as a healthy snack. Not a main dish. Your eating habits should include a balanced diet with proteins low carbs, and healthy fats. Check out the website for Diet plan ideas.

You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods, instead educate yourself about the foods you are eating, and make your decisions based on what you know to be healthy, not what you always feel you want to eat. Not everything you love to eat will love you back! Ask your doctor.

Set realistic goals for yourself


You’ve heard this before. Gee, we’ve said it and published an article on this. That is how important it is. Remember to be patient and keep this thought in mind. If you can’t solve a big problem like losing 50 or 60 pounds quickly, then lose 3 pounds quickly. If you lose 3 pounds in a week, in 10 weeks you will be 30 pounds lighter, and you will have the motivation to lose another 30. Set small goals you can achieve, and maintain Remember 2 things. 3 pounds sound much easier than 30 pounds, right?

2. This is a journey, but it doesn’t have to be all sweat and grunting it out. Learn to laugh along the way and enjoy yourself. Setting smaller realistic goals will allow you to do just that. Laughter is great medicine, and if you are able to laugh along the way it makes getting there more fun than just work. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Get an exercise buddy


This is a journey you want to enjoy. You are going to push yourself and do things you haven’t done in years and it’s hard. If you find and get yourself an exercise buddy, it will make the journey and the work easier and more fun. “Teamwork makes the dream work” Try to share your ups and downs with your friends. It will help you stick to your plan. Simple help from a good friend can prevent you from abandoning your goals. Having a good buddy enables you to get out socialize more and enjoy your journey. Diet Rite is always here to talk with you and help you laugh and achieve your goals.

Have self-discipline



To reach your goal, you have to be consistent! To be consistent you have to have self-discipline. If you want to stick to a plan, you have to be disciplined, This does not mean exercising denial at every point, but it does not mean exercising indulgence at every opportunity. It means knowing when you avoid that slice of pizza or burger and fries, and when you can have a glass of wine with your friends, or even go out to dinner with the company providing you eat healthy and mindfully right? Be firm with yourself not hard on yourself. Be disciplined but also learn to relax and know you will reach your goal. It’s hard, but it’s not as hard as you think it will be. You Got This! Diet Rite will be there with you Having self-discipline increases your chances of success.

Remember why you are doing this


Most men and women adopt a healthier lifestyle to improve their health. This allows them to feel better and yes look better more attractive. This is a valid reason, right? Who doesn’t want to look more attractive to others? Sometimes, it’s to combat a health condition they are experiencing like diabetes, joint pains, and that valid who enjoys being in pain? Sometimes it can be to inspire others to seek the better self which lies in us all. Sometimes we are role models without knowing so.

We have children, loved ones, family, and friends who look to us for examples. They may not always say it but sometimes we realize this and we want to be a good example… and sometimes.. there’s an outfit.. enough said J

Whatever the reason for adopting a healthier lifestyle, It has to be a good one right? Any reason to seek better health is a good one because the result is…Better Health! So whatever the reason remember why you are doing this. That is your Motivation. That is the thing that will keep you going through difficult times and overcoming all the obstacles that stand before you. Remember the reason and you will keep going!

You can do this.. Diet Rite is here with you. We are going to leave you with 3 thoughts Diet Rite believes in that will help you

You can visit us pick up a shirt and find lots of other great stuff to inspire and help you, and there’s more helpful stuff on the way. I have all 3 because I believe in all 3. sayings I plan to feel better and look better when the spring comes. How about you?.

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