benefits of chest exercises

3 Exercises to Tone Your Chest

Tone Your Chest Through Chest Reps and Nutrition

benefits of chest exercises

Let’s face it a healthy, fit chest is a sexy thing. Guys, ladies we can all admit that a person with a fit, healthy chest has an additional attractive quality about themselves. What is it that adds this additional attractiveness, the way their clothes fit, their posture, perhaps additional confidence? Whatever it is, it’s there easily seen and felt

Benefits of a fit chest

You don’t have to have pecs like Schwartznegger, or double D cups, to have a fit healthy chest and to look better and feel more confident.

Everybody wants to look good and be in better shape right? but it seems it’s becoming increasingly more challenging.

There are a few possible reasons

for this, more time demands placed on us by work and the daily commute is a big one. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for ourselves or our families. There could also be the hesitation of going to the gym itself.

If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, it can be a little intimidating, but it’s a New Year and a chance to begin fresh, make and keep our New Years resolution and commitment to change things for the better.

The first thing to do is find the best weight loss program for yourself. We begin by seeking and adhering to a weight loss program that includes good, sound healthy diet advice to help you change your eating habits to more healthier food choices and a healthier lifestyle.

It’s okay if you begin going to the gym and start weight training as part of your best diet plan for weight loss or to start your New Year’s resolution. The important thing is to begin, but remember to start slowly and to start with a routine you can stick to. Diet Rite is always here to help you by providing healthy diet advice, as well as exercises like this series of exercises to tone specific parts of your body. These articles.blogs will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

So the New Year has began and you’re ready to start your resolution to lose weight and

Lifting weights to build chest strength

get healthier. Hopefully you are also reading our articles on Toning your arms, toning your thighs, toning your buttocks and others.

And now you decide to tone your chest, to get that fit healthy chest that adds that additional confidence and sexiness to your overall appearance.

Remember if you really want to cut to the chase and get immediate

assistance, Diet Rite System is an excellent choice to guide you to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. You are now aware that food choice is most important and exercise is the way to get to your desired goal.

Once you get the nutritional part of your weight loss program under control, it is time to

Showing what a fit chest looks like

Develop a good exercise routine to It is a good idea to begin a weight training or physical fitness routine.

One great and popular area of emphasis for most is the upper body, specifically the chest, shoulders and tricep areas, because as described above, this is an area that provides good posture confidence and appeal.

while chest exercise primarily focuses on the upper half of the body, the secondary benefits is that it works the entire body. Whether it is abs, back, biceps, or triceps, the chest exercises you choose will have a tremendous impact on the development of the other areas of your body even though the chest is the primary focus.

So the question…When was the last time you did a chest exercise? If you’re having difficulty answering

this question, you’re definitely not the only one.

There are many benefits that strength training offers including reduced fat, improved heart health, controlled blood sugar levels, boosted flexibility and mobility.

Interestingly, many women do not seem very interested in chest

exercises. Perhaps because many women are not aware of the many benefits that chest exercises offer besides the obvious: muscle strength

With that in mind, here are 3 benefits of chest exercises for men and women:

  1. Improved Posture: As one of the largest muscles in your upper body, the pecs play a major role in maintaining good posture. In addition to your back and shoulder muscles, your pecs help to stabilize the shoulder joint.
  2. Better Breathing: In addition to improving your posture, strengthening and lengthening chest muscles helps to support deeper breathing. That’s because the pecs are attached to your ribs, which expand with every breath.
  3. Breast Support: Contrary to the popular belief that doing chest exercises will make breasts smaller, doing pectoral exercises will actually do the exact opposite. By building muscle around breast tissue, this helps to provide more lift and support.

According to a recent study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise, there are a few moves that really stand out above the rest. To develop muscle size, the barbell bench press is at the very top of the list.

Barbell Bench Press

Most weight loss programs that deal with weight training identify the bench press, specifically the barbell bench press, as the number one exercise to incorporate into a weight loss program.

This exercise allows you to generate the most power per lift. You also can maintain more  

control versus a dumbbell bench press because the barbell bench press is a balanced lift. The barbell bench press is a compound upper body exercise that works your pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), and triceps (arms). Here are a few benefits of doing the Barbell Bench Press

Increased Upper Body Strength The biggest benefit that you will get from doing barbell bench presses is that you will drastically increase your upper body strength. The reason for this is because the bench press utilizes several different muscles in your upper body (as described above). The more weight you lift, the more those muscles will be utilized, thus increasing their size and strength.

Increased Bone Health

Another big benefit you get from doing barbell bench presses on a regular basis is that they will help to increase the health and strength of your bones.

Because, according to Fit and Me, the barbell bench press is considered to be a weight bearing exercise. Weight bearing exercises have huge bone building benefits.

When you do a weight bearing exercise, the extra weight which your bones are supporting, which in this case are the bones in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back, forces the cells in your bones to go to work. These cells are known as osteoblasts and they are what are responsible for creating new bone cells and laying them down both on and within your bones.

For those women interested in chest exercises.

Joint Health


exercise. Your cartilage is like a sponge with fluid in it, fluid that nourishes your cartilage and keeps it healthy. This fluid needs to be replaced on a regular basis in order to keep nourishing all of your cartilage.

Since your cartilage is like a sponge, the nutrient depleted fluid needs to be squeezed out and then replaced with new nutrient rich fluid. The way to squeeze out your cartilage in order to replace the fluid is by doing exercise, and the bench press definitely counts. If you want to prevent joint issues and cartilage deterioration, then bench presses are something which you should definitely start doing.

A Note: for people over age 40 when age-related muscle loss is a concern. The barbell bench press is a functional exercise that helps you with any daily activities that require pushing or carrying. The bench press can help restore muscle balance and strengthen pulling muscles like swimming and will help develp strength and form for push-ups. To target the different areas of the chest, there are several variations available. There is an excellent link at the end of this article which details form, mistakes, and variations

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell bench press is a bench press variation that can be done to boost overall strength, increased muscle size and growth, and isolate areas of weakness in the bench press. 

The dumbbell press falls within the horizontal pressing domain, which also includes: barbell bench press, push ups, and angular variations

(decline, incline, etc). Regardless of the variation, bench pressing can be used by coaches and athletes to enhance overall muscular strength and hypertrophy, but also to improve bench press and overall pressing performance. The main benefit of dumbbell presses, as opposed to barbell presses, is using dumbbells in this manner also allows for a greater stretch at the bottom and more efficient peak contraction at the top than a barbell press do.

benefit of dumbbell bench press

Dumbbell bench presses can be performed at the three various angles, the flat bench, decline, and at an incline.

But, we are mainly focusing on the flat version. An advantage or benefit depends on how far you down with the dumbbells

Another thing to note is that at the point of contraction, you can add a slight twist by turning your palms inward at the top, providing for a better contraction. You are not able to do that with barbell presses

Dumbbell presses are a more effective chest developer then barbell presses are. As well dumbbells are also more difficult to balance so your stabilizer muscles will develop better By using dumbbells, you are giving the bench press a greater range of motion, thus you are putting your muscles on a longer period of tension.

Your chest stops you during a barbell bench, and the dumbbell bench can get your range of motion lower than your chest. The longer the tension; the more your muscles work and the stronger they will get. Another benefit is that you use muscles that you wouldn’t use in a standard barbell bench. Dumbbells can move a lot more than a barbell, so your body has to use muscles to help stabilize the dumbbells

This type of exercise will force you to slow down and take your time which will balance out your stabilizer muscles. During each individual repetition, each side of the body must work independent of the other, and as a result, it will use those stabilizing muscles

Dumbell Fly

Dumbbell Fly helps shapes the chest

A dumbbell fly is an exercise for your upper body. To allow your elbows to move behind your torso, you should do the exercise on a bench.

A dumbbell fly will primarily work muscles in your chest and shoulders; however, it will have some strengthening effect on other muscles in your back and arms as

well. If you would like to incorporate some abdominal work, do the exercise on a stability ball.

One of the main muscle groups worked in a dumbbell fly is your deltoid muscles in your shoulders. Your deltoids start at your shoulder blade and collarbone stretch over your shoulder, attaching to your upper-arm bone. With these muscles you extend, flex and rotate your arm. In everyday life, you use your deltoids to help you lift things. A dumbbell fly works the front and middle parts of your deltoid muscles, with some secondary strengthening of your posterior deltoids in the back of your shoulders.

A dumbbell fly also targets the muscles in your chest. Both your pectoralis minor and

Benefits of Dumbbell fly

major work hard when you are doing a dumbbell fly.

Your pectorals start in the middle of your chest and run out toward your shoulder and upper arm.

You use them when you move your shoulder to push something or when reaching

back to scratch your back. When you are doing a dumbbell fly, you work both of your chest muscles: the larger pectoralis major and the smaller pectoralis minor.

Keep in mind that these three exercises are for men and women both. The benefits are excellent. A healthy and strong upper body is very appealing, along with an increase in your metabolism. With an increased metabolism, you will shed those unwanted pounds and unnecessary flab

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There are several benefits specifically to the bench press regardless of the flat or low-incline option such as:

• Upper body strength – not only do the pectorals get bigger and stronger but so do the interior and lateral deltoids. This gives you a nice refined look. We cannot forget about work that the triceps get during this exercise. During the exercise, the triceps are strengthened in three key areas such as the long, lateral, and medial areas.

• An increase in bone health – cells known as osteoblasts are cells within the body that assist in the development of new cells and lay them down in and on your bones.

• Your pushing power increases – meaning that it will help you in everyday life during the execution of menial tasks that do not require a lot of weight on a daily basis, and overall, it reduces fatigue because you are more efficient.

• Healthy joints – cartilage is maintained and improved upon. If you ever want to prevent the deterioration of cartilage, bench presses are a requirement.

• Looking and feeling much better – there is nothing more attractive about you than when you have worked for and have acquired a healthy strong body, especially the upper body. It is innate within the psyche when you look in the mirror and see a difference, when someone openly compliments you, or gives you a proverbial double take.

The best weight loss program for you should contain some of the basics. The classic bench press regardless of type is of great benefit to you. Online weight loss programs should not only focus on fat loss but also on increasing muscle tone if you would like to look your best..

A good weight loss program should be customized to the individual with a focus on daily activity as well as a healthy eating regimen. Our staff is here to make sure you achieve the goals you set for yourself!

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