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5 Reasons to Lose Weight

Obesity in the US and UK was highlighted 35 years ago as a potential public health problem. The medical profession disregarded obesity as important despite evidence from WHO data in 1980. (This is cited in the National Library of Medicine article). Thank you “Experts” According to the CDC “The U.S. adult obesity rate stands at 42.4 […]

5 super foods you should be eating

Superfoods, it’s a phrase used often, but rarely defined. Originally the term superfood was used by The United Fruit Company in the early 20th century as a marketing gimmick to sell bananas… (marketers..sheesh). The term had little to do with any scientific or nutritional findings. According to UC David, as the fruit’s popularity began to […]

The 3 Best Exercises To Tone Your Thighs

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated with your thighs, then you’re certainly not alone. For many people — particularly women — hips and thighs are trouble spots. Efforts to achieve slim, trim thighs can seem futile, especially since exercise and diet won’t necessarily reduce fat in the places you’d like. Though you target your stomach, the excess fat may […]

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